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Match ID Team 1 Team 2 Status Owner
4815 Team INFAMOUS Team Grandpa Won 16:10 by Team Grandpa SastaKennyS
4814 Team Botulists Team VRN Won 16:12 by Team VRN SastaKennyS
4813 Team Grandpa Team 5 Won 19:17 by Team Grandpa SastaKennyS
4811 Team INFAMOUS Team Demon x Won 16:5 by Team INFAMOUS SastaKennyS
4810 Team Botulists Team Spirit Gangers Won 16:5 by Team Botulists SastaKennyS
4809 5inarow Team VRN Won 16:5 by Team VRN SastaKennyS
4808 Portal Esports TEAM FURIOUS Won 16:12 by Portal Esports SastaKennyS
4807 TEAM GALAXY E SPORTS Losersgaming Won 16:7 by Losersgaming SastaKennyS
4805 Bhola E-Sport Losersgaming Won 16:9 by Losersgaming SastaKennyS
4804 Portal Esports Team Pacho And Friends Won 16:2 by Portal Esports SastaKennyS
4803 Serpents TEAM GALAXY E SPORTS Won 16:9 by TEAM GALAXY E SPORTS SastaKennyS
4794 Team Obliterators Team Spirit Gangers Won 16:5 by Team Spirit Gangers SastaKennyS
4792 Team 5 The Shikaris Won 16:2 by Team 5 SastaKennyS
4790 Team Grandpa Team Dire Won 16:7 by Team Grandpa SastaKennyS
4789 Team Ninety 9 Team Botulists Won 16:9 by Team Botulists SastaKennyS
4788 Team Demon x Team Dusty Nader Won 16:9 by Team Demon x SastaKennyS
4787 5inarow Team Shikari B Won 16:6 by 5inarow SastaKennyS
4786 Team INFAMOUS Team Unfazed Won 16:13 by Team INFAMOUS SastaKennyS
4785 Team Badwolves Team VRN Won 16:9 by Team VRN SastaKennyS
4784 BEESWARM nEophyte OLD Won 2:0 by nEophyte OLD info