All matches

Match ID Team 1 Team 2 Status Owner
1946 t0xic titanscrub Won 16:10 by titanscrub Ethan
1941 SkyFusion TeamYP Won 2:1 by TeamYP Admin
1936 Black Scorpions Guest Won 16:8 by Black Scorpions info
1930 Ghostly Ghostly 2 Tied 0:0 TweoN
1928 UUSU Esports NCI Panthers Team A Won 16:7 by NCI Panthers Team A leagueops
1926 Baby Rhyno Never Fall Won 2:0 by Never Fall Admin
1925 Black Scorpions Guest Won 16:7 by Guest info
1923 Black Scorpions Guest Won 16:4 by Black Scorpions info
1921 Black Scorpions Guest Won 16:9 by Guest info
1920 Ghostly Team Liquid Pending TweoN
1918 AAA Team Sensation Won 2:0 by AAA LeGeNd.fTw -,-
1917 Black Scorpions Guest Won 16:10 by Black Scorpions info
1913 Team Sensation Team Bravo Won 2:0 by Team Sensation LeGeNd.fTw -,-
1910 Black Scorpions Guest Won 16:3 by Guest info
1909 GamingHub Team Markhor Won 2:0 by Team Markhor UMPIRE.
1908 AAA.Esports CODE RED eSports Won 2:0 by AAA.Esports UMPIRE.
1907 Norwegian Carry Required early bird catches the herm Won 2:0 by early bird catches the herm RAID Althalus
1906 Norwegian Carry Required CustomGrow420 Won 16:9 by Norwegian Carry Required RAID Althalus
1904 early bird catches the herm hehexd Won 16:14 by early bird catches the herm RAID Althalus
1901 CustomGrow420 Restaurant Won 16:2 by CustomGrow420 RAID Althalus