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Match ID Team 1 Team 2 Status Owner
7502 Borpa Lives Matter Frog Fellas Won 16:12 by Frog Fellas Drizzy
7501 Borpa Lives Matter TIJL of Super Acquaintances Won 16:8 by Borpa Lives Matter Drizzy
7500 Cartier Shmeat Riders Team Duck Won 16:14 by Cartier Shmeat Riders sini
7498 Team Juicers Frog Fellas Won 16:10 by Frog Fellas Rizlim
7497 ... SAKSOON Won 2:0 by ... get5gaminghub
7496 TIJL of Super Acquaintances Pokimane's frizzy hair Won 19:17 by TIJL of Super Acquaintances sini
7495 Frog Fellas Cartier Shmeat Riders Won 16:3 by Cartier Shmeat Riders Rizlim
7494 Band of Borpas Team Juicers Won 16:14 by Team Juicers Lxkaii
7493 Borpa Lives Matter Team Duck Won 19:17 by Team Duck sini
7488 Counter Logic Gaming Cloud9 Won 16:10 by Cloud9 Drizzy
7487 MaRo ... Tied 2:1 get5gaminghub
7485 Team Duck Cartier Shmeat Riders Won 16:7 by Team Duck sini
7484 Team Duck Cartier Shmeat Riders Won 16:5 by Cartier Shmeat Riders sini
7483 Team Duck yo Won 16:4 by yo sini
7480 Team Duck Crazyslicked Won 16:9 by Team Duck sini
7479 Borpa Lives Matter Island Boys Won 16:11 by Borpa Lives Matter Lxkaii
7478 Cartier Shmeat Riders Team Juicers Won 19:17 by Cartier Shmeat Riders Bran
7476 Band of Borpas Frog Fellas Won 16:11 by Band of Borpas Rizlim
7473 Pokimane's frizzy hair Crazyslicked Won 16:12 by Pokimane's frizzy hair sini
7471 Komdo-Hype Team Juicers Won 16:6 by Team Juicers Bran