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Match ID Team 1 Team 2 Status Owner
4366 Brave eSports Astralis Won 16:14 by Brave eSports m0ve
4364 Brave eSports mousesports Won 16:8 by Brave eSports m0ve
4357 1000demons penguin6969 Won 16:11 by penguin6969 mZch13f
4356 Brave eSports mousesports Tied 0:0 m0ve
4355 Godsquad Purpose Esports Won 16:11 by Purpose Esports Siren head
4353 Xlipse Sane Clan Won 16:3 by Sane Clan mZch13f
4352 HG Esports ZFN ESPORTS Won 16:5 by ZFN ESPORTS Siren head
4351 UNDERGROUND 5 Team Extremis Won 16:11 by UNDERGROUND 5 mZch13f
4350 TN | EsportS Team Dhoomilo Won 16:13 by Team Dhoomilo Siren head
4348 Flirting with Danger White Shadow eSports Won 16:6 by Flirting with Danger Siren head
4347 ENIGMA GAMING Team Zinkch Won 16:2 by ENIGMA GAMING mZch13f
4345 orgless Sangfroid esports Won 19:17 by Sangfroid esports mZch13f
4344 Flirting With Danger SAMARESH BASAK Won 16:0 by Flirting With Danger mZch13f
4343 Pn4L Sangfroid Esports Won 16:6 by Sangfroid Esports Siren head
4342 Sane Clan ATCT Won 16:2 by Sane Clan mZch13f
4341 Winners Never Quit orgless Won 16:5 by orgless Siren head
4340 BUNCH OF BOTS Xlipse Won 16:8 by Xlipse mZch13f
4335 HG Esports Hellraiser's Won 16:1 by HG Esports Siren head
4334 HG Esports Hellraiser's Pending Siren head
4332 Team Velocity Team Zinkch Won 16:6 by Team Zinkch mZch13f